Why it works ?

TOOBEE regularly reminds you to take breaks, to take time to breathe and enjoy a positive affirmation. In less than a minute a day you can become relaxed and positive, based on 4 principles for change that is lasting and positive.


It takes just a few seconds to set up, and then you can forget about it: TOOBEE coaches and supports you. Embrace these regular reminders throughout the day. Each short moment allows you to recenter yourself.

That’s how often you switch windows in your browser in an hour.

Multitasking has unfortunately become the standard in your life, and it is incredibly tiring. Help your brain by stopping.

❝ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ❞

Lao Tseu, Chinese philosopher and writer


Respirer, écouter son corps, revenir à soi en pleine conscience. Prendre une grande respiration apaise bien des tensions. Ajoutez un sourire, et vous allez déjà mieux.


That’s how much lung capacity you gain with an abdominal breath.

Thoracic breathing only uses 20% of the lungs.


❝ A smile costs less than electricity, but it gives just as much light. ❞

Abbé Pierre, French priest, founder of the Emmaus movement to help the poor and homeless.


Words and thoughts are magical. By repeating positive affirmations to yourself, you will start believing in them and quickly start to embody them! That’s the power of positive thinking and visualization.

80% of our 60,000 thoughts a day are negative! That’s 40 thoughts a minute, 32 of which are negative. 

Imagine the potential if you manage to change this !

❝ I was 10 years old when I won Wimbledon for the first time… in my mind! ❞

Andre Agassi, American tennis player


The regularity of the reminders allows you to establish new habits, at your own pace. Your daily perserverence is key for this to work. Feel the change

That’s the average number of days needed to create and internalize a new habit in your life.

This habit becomes something that is easy and automatic.

❝ Repetition is the mother of all learning ❞

Latin proverb