By using this application for less than a minute a day, you will become a more relaxed and positive person over the long term.


❝ I fully enjoy every small pleasure ❞

❝ I love and accept myself the way I am ❞

❝ I have the potential to succeed at everything ❞

❝ I am doing well and everything will be all right ❞

 1 application based on 4 principles for positive change.

Reminder to take a micro break

Breathing and smiling

The amazing power of words

Consistency gets results

Overwhelmed with hurrying everywhere and living under pressure? Do you want to be able to savor each moment and each bit of joy?

Tired of chasing perfection? Do you need to accept yourself with kindness?

Does work take up too much of your life? Are you looking for real, reenergizing breaks?

Are you fed up with saying yes to everyone but yourself? Do you want to make room to fulfill your desires?

Whatever you are looking for, TOOBEE is the solution.

TOOBEE regularly reminds you to take breaks, to take time to breathe and enjoy a positive affirmation.

Configure your reminders.

Choose or create your affirmation.

Toobee is now part of your daily life.

For our user, TOOBEE is like

A daily friend as a little fairy on your shoulder.


A little Jiminy Criquet not too annoying.


A life coach in his pocket, who reminds you that you need to stand up for you first.


A Pikachu that you pull of of his Pokeball.


Be open to a simple and real change with Toobee.
It’s waiting for you.