Help – How it works ?

Choose your favorite affirmations

Click on the arrow to open the categories. Click on the heart to add the affirmation to your favorites (6 maximum)



Choose your current affirmation

Click on the affirmation to select it. Click on the X to remove it from your favorites. TOOBEE tip: keep the same affirmation for at least 21 days to allow it to anchor.



Create your personalized affirmation

Open the “MY AFFIRMATIONS” category Click on “WRITE MY AFFIRMATION”, then write it and save it.



Modify or delete your affirmation

Click on your affirmation to open the modification screen. Click on the “DELETE” button to delete or modify it, then SAVE.



Configure your reminders

Choose your active hours by sliding the pointers along the curve. Choose the frequency of the reminders by clicking on the button. Select your favorite tone.




Your settings are on the homepage. Change them by clicking on them. Put TOOBEE to sleep with the active/inactive button (top left) if you do not want to be disturbed (if you are in a meeting or otherwise occupied).



Male or female?

To change this setting, scroll down to the bottom of the affirmations page and click on the icon of your choice.



How to write a simple and effective positive affirmation
  • Start with “I”
  • Ideally, use the present tense: I am / I will / I can / I want
  • Use a formula and positive words: “I do not want to be stressed anymore” becomes “I want to live serenely” “I want to be calmer in my daily life” “I am relaxed” “I will be calm and perseverance finish this project”
  • Do not hesitate to write your wildest dreams. Don’t hold back, everything is possible.
  • To increase its power, visualize the “reality” of your affirmation, that it’s really happening.